Frequently asked questions

Why are some areas on the map black?

There are a few causes to this,
We have not added a electric utility that covers that area yet,
The electric utility that covers that area does not report their outages online,
Or the electric utility that covers that area does not report outages at that level of detail.

Why are some areas "Customers Tracked" so low?

Some electric utilities do not report the total customers that they serve in an area.
In these cases we use the Max outages for that area as the "Customers Tracked" number.

Do you collect/sell address or meter level data?

We do not collect, or sell, address or meter level data.
Most utilities do not provide it, and we don't collect it from the few that do.
This is to protect the privacy of the utility customers, and prevent us from having to process, store, and protect PII data.

How can I help?

If you know about an electric utility with an outage website that has not been added to this site yet, Let us know so we can work on adding it.

If you are a customer of an electric utility that does not have a public outage website or public outage management system (OMS) ask them to add one.

Let us know if you see inconsistencies, both between this site and itself and this site and the various outage web sites for the Utilities.

You can reach out to me if you have any questions or comments:

Twitter: PowerOutage_us